Muthoot WeCare ISR

While The Muthoot Group has been involved in a plethora of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, the Group strongly believes in the notion of Individual Social Responsibility. And hence, keeping in line with our core values of giving back to where we belong, the Group recently started Muthoot WeCare ISR initiative to promote a sense of individual responsibility towards the society among its employees. The initiative aims at imbuing a sense of social responsibility and service at an individual level. Through this initiative, the Group persistently encourages all its employees to engage in social service and other charity activities.

As part of the programme, several initiatives and drive have been organised to provide the employees a platform to express and fulfil their desire to contribute and positively impact the society. Few of these initiatives are mentioned below:


    The Muthoot Group enables its employees to partake of their social responsibility by giving them an opportunity to do so within the premises of the office. Among many other camp and initiatives, regular Blood Donation camps are organised regularly at The Muthoot Group offices. Majority of employees volunteer to donate blood in these Blood Donation Camps.


    December is observed as the ‘Month of Giving’ in The Muthoot Group. As part of the initiative, we aim to comfort the economically deprived and underprivileged during the severe winters of Delhi by donating old warm clothes and blankets to those who really need them. With the change in season,....

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    The employees of the Group have been sponsoring packed meals for the poor and the underprivileged in New Delhi. In the month of June 2016 the employees sponsored meals for close to 600 individuals. The poor and destitute in Delhi were served packed food Thaalis. Little homeless children in New De....

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    Alternately, the employees are also encouraged to contribute to the society at personal level through a structured mechanism of rewards and recognition. The employees engage in activities like donations, charity work, teaching the underprivileged, etc. on a regular basis.

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