The Muthoot Group has been providing easy, affordable and timely credit to millions of underprivileged Indians through its Gold Loans since the last 800 years, a time when ‘Financial Inclusion’ was not a commonly used term. The Muthoot Group is proud to be playing an important role in the Financial Inclusion of unbanked masses of the country through its 5000 branches pan India. The Group further ensures its reach in rural and remote areas through 70% of its total branches that are located in rural and semi urban areas, i.e., tier III to tier VI cities.

With least documentation required, easy and quick finance is disbursed to even those who find it difficult to avail loans otherwise from formal banking system. The Group thus caters to not only the underprivileged but also the unbanked and underserved masses.

Muthoot Finance’s Gold loans start from as low as Rs 1500/- and the average loan ticket size is only Rs 35,000. Hence we are able to cater to the needs of the poor and the economically deprived.

Having pioneered the concept of gold loans in the organised sector, over the last few decades, we have reduced considerably and even eliminated in some areas the taboo attached to Gold loans and the resultant inhibition toward availing gold loans.


At The Muthoot Group, we have conceived the unique concept of Financial Inclusion Plus Plus.

As per the general definition of Financial Inclusion, it refers to the mere act of brining the poor with zero bank balance into the banking network. However, our efforts in bringing about financial inclusion go way beyond just this. We not only bring the underprivileged and the poor under the ambit of banking but also provide them immediate finance. This is Financial Inclusion ‘Plus’.

Further, by providing the poor with immediate access to finance we help them create self-support and self-sustenance so as to repay the loans taken. This is the second ‘Plus’ in the concept.

Hence The Muthoot Group engages in not just Financial Inclusion but in ‘Financial Inclusion Plus Plus’.

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